Donate to the river church

God encourages regular and cheerful giving as an act of worship to Him. Additionally, our giving is to be done as good stewards. In that regard, we encourage the use of a debit card when you give online. If you choose to use a credit card, please be sure that you have the resources in your account to cover your monthly tithe. Thank you for your support of this ministry in your worship of Jesus!

If you are a member or regular attender of The River you can give securely and set up recurring giving through the form below. If you use your checking account instead of a debit card you will save us money because we are charged a minimal flat fee versus a percentage that is taken out when a debit or credit card is used.

IMPORTANT: if you would like to make a donation to multiple funds (i.e. General Fund & Mission Trip Support) you can do so by choosing “MULTIPLE FUNDS” and then split one donation between multiple funds. Monies donated to any fund is to or for the use of The River Church and only suggested for the designated campaign or individual.

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Refund Policy
Online contributions to the ministry The River Church are considered to be non-refundable. The refund policy for specific events is determined according to the nature of the event. The event refund policy is posted within the event registration form.